Carvajal Pharmacy LTC

Carvajal Pharmacy LTC services skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities and group homes since 1969. We understand the unique demands of long term care and commit to giving you the most customized, cost effective service.

24/7 Availability

24/7 availability 365 days a year. Our team is readily available and easily accessible.


We provide traditional blister card packaging when appropriate for solid dosage form medications, and facility appropriate packaging for IV therapies (i.e. elastomeric pumps for IV antibiotics).

Equipment to Support Pharmacy Services

We provide the necessary equipment to support pharmacy services (i.e. medication carts and fax machines).

Delivery Model

We will provide 2 standard deliveries per day to each facility, plus stat deliveries as needed.

Medication Emergency Kits

We provide medication emergency kits to meet the urgent medication availability needs of the facility. The emergency kits are replaced upon notification from the facility that the emergency kit seal has been broken.

eMar Interface

Our pharmacy operating system (Frameework) interfaces with the facility eMar system (PCC) to facilitate medication order transmission to CARVAJAL PHARMACY -LTC.

Pharmacy Consulting

We provide consultant pharmacists to meet the clinical and regulatory needs of the LTC facility.

Medicare-A Cost Management

We provide the necessary tools to help the facility manage their Medicare-A costs, including a per diem model for prescription medications, therapeutic alternative recommendations for high-cost medications, and pre-admission price quotes.

Discharge Home with Medications Program

We utilize a discharge home with medication program to assist the patient in their transition from facility to residential care.

Accounts Payable Support

We offer a 2% prompt pay discount on net 30 accounts payable. A/P is otherwise due at day 45.

IV Services

We offer a full range of IV therapies accompanied by the necessary equipment and ancillary supplies.

Carvajal Link

We offer an internet based portal to allow the customer to view key information related to their facility including prescription status, prescription activity reports, patient information, and financial information.

Comprehensive Consistent Service Model for All Facilities

The service model offerings above will be provided in a consistent manner to all facilities for multi-facility organizations. A facility-specific Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual will be provided for each facility.